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Q: What is Darrel Curtis's middle name?
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What is darry's middle name?

Darry's name is Darrel Shaynne Curtis Jr.

What is the birth name of Mark Curtiss?

Mark Curtiss's birth name is Mark Curtiss Johnson.

What is the birth name of Ray Curtiss?

Ray Curtiss's birth name is Curtiss, Raymond Frank.

What is the birth name of Glenn Curtiss?

Glenn Curtiss's birth name is Glen Hammond Curtiss.

What is the birth name of Darrel Akerfelds?

Darrel Akerfelds's birth name is Darrel Wayne Akerfelds.

What is the birth name of Darrel Presnell?

Darrel Presnell's birth name is Darrel D. Presnell.

What is the birth name of Ursula Curtiss?

Ursula Curtiss's birth name is Ursula Reilly.

Is Darrel a boy or girl name?

darrel is both a male & female name.

What is ponyboy's big brother name?


What is darry's real name in the book the outsiders?

Muscles or superman. Steve once nicknamed him all bran and no brain, he never made that mistake again as Darry nearly shattered his jaw and his best friend Soda got mad at him

What does the name Darrel mean?

Darrel is a version of Darrell, which means someone who comes from 'd'Airelle', which is a region in France.

What is the birth name of Chad Bianco?

Chad Bianco's birth name is Chad Curtiss.