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If a matador is gored and unable to continue, he is taken to the infirmary. The bull may then be killed by another matador or it may be returned to the pens under the stands and butchered there.

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Q: What happens if a matador is gored and unable to continue?
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What do you call a wounded matador?

Gored, if he has been stabbed with one of the horns. matador herido or matador jodido

What happens when someone is gored in bullfighting?

The person gored is carried to the infirmary in the bullring where he is examined and stabilized and then transferred to a hospital for treatment. The bull is then killed without fanfare by the senior remaining matador.

How do you pronounce Gorgie in Edinburgh?

Two syllables; first is pronounced gore, like a a matador gored by the bull. Second is ghee like the Indian butter ,rhymes with key. Gore Ghee.

How do you pronounce gourd?

long O or gored as in gored by a bull.

What a homophone for gored?


How do you write gored in a sentence?

The Minotaur would often gored his victims with his giant horns, ripping holes into their flesh and killing them.

Why is alex's face red?


What is a homophone for gored?

A homophone for "gored" is "gourd", which is a type of plant or its fruit, often used for decorations or making musical instruments.

Who is the leading matador in Spain?

There is no fixed answer as statistics change on an almost daily basis. Statistics include the number of fights year-to-date, number of ears and tails cut, any warnings (avisos) received, etc. Juan Jose Padilla was one of the leading matadores last year (2011) but received a serious goring through the head in the final weeks of the season. I have not heard if he has recovered and returned to the ring. Another top matador, José Tomás, lost part of his popularity when he was axed due to a money dispute. He was also seriously gored in Mexico last year and has been unable to perform up to his previous standards because of muscle and nerve damage in his left thigh.

What is the correct way to bullfight?

There is an honorable way to fight and a dishonorable way to fight. If a matador knows that most of the people watching are tourists who do not know the ins and outs of bullfighting, he will 'cheat' a little knowing he can get away with it. An honorable matador will try to draw the bull as close to his body as he can with the cape without getting gored or tossed. When it comes time for him to kill the bull he will go in directly over the horns, exposing his vital organs to a goring. A less-than-honorable fighter will go off to the side to avoid the horns.

Why does the matador wave the red flag at a bull?

Matadors do not use 'flags.' They use two types of capes. The first is called a capote and it is a large, heavy rose colored cape used to test the bull and guide the bull when it first enters the bullring. The second is a smaller and lighter red cape that is suspended from a wooden stick and the matador's sword. The muleta is used in the final parts of the bullfight - the faena (performance)and the estocada (kill).The purpose of the capes is to be a lure and decoy. The bull has never encountered a man on foot before and thinks the cape is part of the man. However, the bull learns quickly and the matador dare not extend his performance too long as he will most assuredly be gored.

What is a name for a matador?

One of the most popular matadores in Spain is Juan José Padilla. In 2011 he was nearly killed when he was gored in the skull and nearly had his face torn off. After numerous surgeries he returned to the bullring 5 months later to a hero's welcome. Despite losing an eye, partial hearing and suffering from partial paralysis of his face, he performed spectacularly.