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she took time off from Wrestling because of a previous back injury and was released in 2008. She now is co-owner of a lingerie bouitque

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Q: What happened to WWE Diva Torrie Wilson?
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Which is the cuttest diva in WWE?

torrie Wilson

How old is torrie Wilson WWE diva?

Torrie Wilson is 35. She was born July 24, 1975.

Which WWE diva strip naked on raw?

torrie Wilson or torries Wilson

Does WWE diva Torrie Wilson have a email address?

Where does wwe diva torrie Wilson lives?

Houston, Texas

Is torrie Wilson an actress?

No. She was a WWE Diva and also has posed for numerous magazines. She is a famous model.

Who is the most sexiest WWE diva?

Maria,Kelly Kelly,Michelle Mcool,Eve,Maryse,and Torrie Wilson

Does torrie Wilson have kids?

No Torrie Anne Wilson does not have kids. Torrie Wilson is an American model and former retired professional wrestler. She performed for both Raw and SmackDown.

Did torrie Wilson love WWE?

Yes Torrie Wilson loved WWE

When will Torrie Wilson return to the WWE?

wwe torrie Wilson will never return .......... i am not so sure but she left the wwe and years we havent Sean her !

When is Torrie Wilson going to return to the WWE?


What is the age of WWE Torrie Wilson?