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I read she married a guy named Kevin White, not sure if they are still married, but according to a news article, he was in attendance with her at one of Hollie's beauty competitions. I also heard Cathy lives in the Plano/Frisco area.

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Q: What happened to Kerry von erich's wife?
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3 brothers from Texas what were their names pro-wrestling team?

You may be referring to the Von Erichs, of which there were several brothers: David, Michael, Chris, Kerry and Kevin.

Who is Kerry Von Erich's wife?

Kerry Von Erich was married to Catherine M. Murray from 1983 to 1992.

What really happened to the Von Erichs Harley Race Andre the Giant and many others who formed wrestling?

Harley Race is alive and well, he is 64 years old and retired. Andre The Giant passed away in 1993 while in France. He was home to attend his father's funeral. The Von Erichs have a longer story. David Von Erich suddenly died at age 25 in Japan back in 1984. It is debated to this day whether this was caused by a drug overdose or a heart attack. Chris Von Erich committed suicide in 1991 at the age of 21. Mike Von Eric committed suicide in 1987 at the age of 23. Kerry Von Erich committed suicide in 1993 at the age of 33. Kevin Von Erich is alive, now at age 50.

Where can you find the DVD of the von erichs the wrestlers faded glory?

Check the vonerich web site or ebay

What is the birth name of Kerry Von Erich?

Kerry Von Erich's birth name is Kerry Gene Adkisson.

What is lacey von erichs myspace name?

I'm assuming Lacey Dawn Adkisson because that is her real name, but for sure

What is Kerry Von Erich's birthday?

Kerry Von Erich was born on February 3, 1960.

When was Kerry Von Erich born?

Kerry Von Erich was born on February 3, 1960.

Why was Kerry Von Erich arrested?

Kerry is dead!

How tall is Kerry Von Erich?

Kerry Katona is 36 years old (birthdate: September 6, 1980).

What nicknames did Kerry Von Erich go by?

Kerry Von Erich went by Texas Tornado, and Modern Day Warrior.

How old was Kerry Von Erich at death?

Kerry Von Erich died on February 18, 1993 at the age of 33.