What does y2j stand for?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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It was an acronym Chris Jericho used when he debuted with the WWE (then WWF). He debuted near the turn of the millenium, so Y2J is a play on the Y2K scare from 1999-2000

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Q: What does y2j stand for?
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Y2J is ''5'9''

Will y2j be in WWE'12?

no y2j will not be in wwe 12

Who is y2j in WWE?

Chris Jericho is Y2J. It was a nickname he gave himself in 1999 when he joined the WWE

Is Y2J in WWE'12?

No, and due to this, Chris Jericho(Y2J)is upset with the WWE, and says that he might not return.

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Why does chris Jericho call himself y2j?

He promoted himself as the "Y2J problem", a variation of Y2K computer virus that was rumored to take over the world in year 2000.

Y2J means what?

He debuted in the WWF around the year 2000, so Y2J, was a play on the Y2K scare.

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