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Q: What does urijah Faber get paid per fight?
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How much does amir khan get paid per fight?

about 100 000 per fight

Who is the highest paid boxer per fight?

i am peter i also

How much the wwe people get paid for each fight?

It depends on their contract they do not get paid per match

Salary for a professional girl boxer?

Depending on the fighter. Or wether its a title fight. They dont have salarys. its called a purse. get paid per fight. Anywhere from $200-$200,000 per fight

How much do deontay wilder get paid?

the most is 3 million per fight

How much are boxing judges paid per championship fight?

Judges can make anywhere from $1,000 for a smaller fight and up to $8,000 for a high-profile fight.

How much do immature boxers get paid?

10-20 mil per fight.... ie mayweather.... the biggest baby in boxing

A person is paid 155100 per year how much are they paid per hour?


If you get paid 102000 a year how much do you get paid per hour?

$50 per hour

How much jimmy Lennon jr earn per fight?

5,000,000 per fight

Do NBA cheerleader get paid?

Yes, they get paid per performance and appearance.

How much does rich Franklin make per fight?

rich makes about $100,000 per fight .