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When WCW was bought out by the WWF/E they unified the WCW World Championship and the WWF/E World Championship, creating the Undisputed Championship.

Chris Jericho was the First WWE Undisputed Champion.

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The person who deleted my answer knows NOTHING about Wrestling...

Its a term for a champion who has obtained all of the major individual championships in his field during his era.

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Q: What does it mean to be an undisputed champion in boxing?
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What is the meaning of undisputed?

Undisputed is used for the Champion who holds most of the titles in a particular weight category. There are 4 known bodies of boxing which are 1. WBA 2. WBC 3. IBF 4. WBO. All these bodies have their own champions. Any champion who holds most of the belts out of these 4 will be called Undisputed Champion.

Who is the undesputed champion heavy weight boxing1998?

Evander Holyfield was WBA / IBF champion in 1998. Lennox Lewis was WBC champion and also became Ring Magazine champion in '98. Lewis became undisputed champion in November 1999 after beating Holyfield.

When did Champion Boxing happen?

Champion Boxing happened in 1000.

When was Champion Boxing created?

Champion Boxing was created in 1984.

Is Champion of Champions same as Undisputed Champion in WWE Smackdown .vs. Raw 2010?

No, Champion of Champions was made up. The Undisputed Champion is the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship both held by the same person at the same time.

What is it called when a WWE superstar is the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time?

he is the undisputed WWE champion

Did lennox Lewis retire as the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion?

Lewis had the wbc, ibf and ibo titles as well as the ring magazine and linear championships, and he also held the wba strap for a while too.

Who was the boxing champion in Odyssey?

the boxing chapion was Laodamas

Who was the boxing champion in The Odyssey?

the boxing chapion was Laodamas

Who was the last white heavyweight boxing champ?

We have several now. If your talking about who was the last undisputed White Heavyweight Champion, Ingemar Johansson was. If your talking about the last undisputed White American Heavyweight Champion, then the answer is Rocky Marciano.

Who was Black heavyweight champion in 1912?

jack Johnson was the undisputed heavyweight champion from 1905 - 1915.

What is the difference between 'Undisputed Linear' and 'Interim' Champions in boxing?

"Undisputed" means you hold all of the 4 major sanctioning bodies titles at the same time (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO). "Linear" means that you hold beat the champion who was last undisputed, but had titles taken away from sanctioning bodies for not paying the fee to the sanctioning body or not facing their determined #1 contender. "Interim" refers to someone who wins a title without beating the current champion. this happens when a champion is injured and cannot defend his title for a long period of time, and is then stripped of his belt.