What does acting like a diva mean?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What does acting like a diva mean?
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Is Kim Kardashian acting in Drop Dead Diva?


How can you be like Mariah Carey?

Let's see Dress like a diva Sing good do pretty good acting Put lots of make-up you have to be pretty

What does the name dajua mean?

The name dajua means to be uncool and diva-like.

What does sasses mean?

Sass is the same as sassy which means to be like a diva. For example ...''DONT SASS ME!''

How can you become a WWE diva next year but what if you are 14?

you would have to go to wrestling and acting college

What happened to WWE diva China?

She Retired And Pursued A Acting Career.A career in adult movies...

Is hannamontana mean?

She is the biggest pot head and Bish in the world. She is a diva, just like Branden Vayda

What does botley mean?

Someone who is acting like a vibrator.

What dose sassier mean?

acting like a boss but your not

What does rollin like a big shot mean?

Acting like you are very important

How old do you need to be to be a WWE diva?

I highly doubt anybody younger than 27 because of the injuries and acting

What does name sanai mean?

cute and diva