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i think Muhammad Ali is like the amigo brothers because they all worked hard and they all won a lot of medals because of the fights they had

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Q: What does Muhammad ali have in common with the amigo brothers antonio and Felix?
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What are some differences between Antonio and Felix in the short story Amigo Brothers?

Antonio is described as having a balletic style, while Felix is known for his powerhouse punches. Antonio relies on speed and agility, while Felix relies on strength and endurance. Their differing fighting styles add tension to their friendly rivalry in the story.

How did boxing help Antonio and Felix growing up in amigo brothers?

They were more ruff and more better than there neighbor

Who is a antagonist in Amigo Brothers?

The fight. an antaganist is an obstacle that comes in the way of the protaganist in this case the protaganist would be Felix and Antonio.

What resolution do the boys find for their conflict of the story amigo brothers?

the resolution of the story is when felix and Antonio leave the fight and stay friends

How does this analogy help Felix deal with his internal conflict in amigo brothers story?

The analogy of the mango tree helps Felix realize that both he and Antonio can have their own paths to success, just like the branches of a tree can grow in different directions but still thrive. This understanding allows Felix to overcome his jealousy and competition with Antonio, helping him resolve his internal conflict.

Description of the characters in amigo brothers?

the characters in amigo brothers are felix vargas and antonio cruz. they are both seventeen and puerto-rican. they live in new york. Antonio is fair, lean ,and lanky. his lean form makes him the better boxer. Felix is dark, short, and husky. his short and muscular form makes him the better slugger. they are both very passionte, athletic, loyal, competitive, and determined.

How do Antonio and Felix's actions determine the outcome?


Who is the narrator of Amigo Brothers?

The narrator of "Amigo Brothers" is an unnamed third person. The story is told from an omniscient point of view that allows the reader to see the thoughts and feelings of the two main characters, Antonio and Felix.

What make Antonio and Felix such good friend?

They are both boxers.Antonio and Felix are 17.They both want to win the fight.Both Antonio and Felix dream that one day they will become light-weight champions of the world in boxing.

What are traits Felix in the Amigo Brothers?

Felix is Loyal, True, and Faithful

What is allyson Felix brother name?

Allyson Fwlix's brothers name is Wes Felix

Who is the antagonist in the story amigo brothers?