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Q: What does Muhammad Ali and Mahatma Gandhi have in common?
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Did Muhammad ali jinnah join hands with mahatma gandhi to fight against british?

yes......they both were very good and intelligent leaders...

Who was Muhammad Ali Jinnah allies with?

He allies with Gandhi before independence.

What was the relation between Quaid-e-Azam and Gandhi?

Love and Hate. Initially they were friends and even Gandhi named Muhammad Ali Jinnah as Quaid e Azam (Great Leader) and he wanted him to be first prime minister of India but there were so many complications that it was not possible at the time. Thanks

Why Mohandas Gandhi was against cricket game?

I guess he was jealous of Quaid-e azam Muhammad ali jinnah who liked it.

Did Muhammad Ali get married?

Muhammad Ali married to Sonji Roi in 1964 Muhammad Ali married to Belinda Boyd in 1967 Muhammad Ali married to Veronica Porché Ali in 1977 Muhammad Ali married to Yolanda Williams in 1986

Who is better berrera or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali and Elvis who is bigger?

Muhammad Ali.

Is Muhammad Ali single?

No, Muhammad Ali is not single.

When was Ali Nasir Muhammad born?

Ali Nasir Muhammad was born in 1939.

What does Muhammad Ali's Signature look like?

Muhammad Ali

Who is the main characters about the greatest Muhammad Ali?

is Muhammad Ali

Who is Muhammad Ali brother?

Muhammad Ali's brother's name is 50 cent