What does Beth mean?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Beth Shalom is Europeanized Hebrew for Beit shalom (בית שלום) which means "house of peace."

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Q: What does Beth mean?
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What does Beth dych chi'n wneud mean?

Beth dych chi'n wneud, means What are you doing

What does Beth mean in hawiian?

The Hawaiian language doesn't contain the letters B or T, so Beth can't be a Hawaiian word... so it doesn't mean anything in Hawaiian.If you're interesting in how the name Beth is translated into in Hawaiian...Beth = PekaBethany = PekaniElizabeth = Elikapeka

What does Beth mean in Greek?

'Oath of god'.

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If you mean 'Who won: Michelle McCool or Beth Phoenix?', then Beth won. Although Michelle cheated.

What does the Hebrew word Beth mean?

Beth (בית) = "house of" It is actually pronounced "bet"

What is the meaning of the word Beth in french?

This noun doesn't exist in French. Maybe you would mean "bête"? "Bête" is a beast or an idiot.

What does the name Beth usually mean?

Beth is the second character of the Hebrew alphabet, meaning "house". The Greek letter beta was borrowed from it.

Has anyone tickled Mary Beth Roe's toes?

What do you mean

When is Jeff hardy and Beth getting married?

Jeff might never marry beth, but it doesn't mean they won't stay together though.

What does 'Beth El' mean?

Beth El (בית אל), more correctly pronounced Beit El, means "house of God"

What does Beth shalom mean?

Beth Shalom is Europeanized Hebrew for Beit shalom (בית שלום) which means "house of peace."

What does otono mean?

Otono means autumn x Thanks Beth