What do you where under your singlet?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I normally wore a Bike jock without the cup, but sometimes my Baseball compression shorts.

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Q: What do you where under your singlet?
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What do girls wear under a wrestling singlet?

Answerwhen i have my singlet on i were boys/men under-armer or a sports brawl even if it is a singlet made for girls because boys/men will pull it downloveskylar white

What is singlet and doublet?

A singlet is a sleeveless dress-like piece of clothing worn under a piece of clothing, somewhat like a slip. A doublet is a male jacket, and has not been popular since the 17th century.

How many neutrons does singlet oxygen have?

8 Neutrons in singlet oxygen

How do you stop wrestling bulges?

wear a jock with a hard cup, or wear tight speedo under the singlet.

What do they call an under shirt in Great Britain?

I believe an undershirt (US) is known in the UK as a vest. Or is that a singlet (US)?

Where can I get this One Direction Singlet from?

This is the singlet by the way http://24mediatumblrcom/tumblr m09d7s9dsn1qg7w0qo1 500jpg

What rhymes with singlet?


Is this a male wrestling singlet?

we can not see the singlet but chances are its unisex. girls just have to were sports bras with lower cut styles

Can you wear a singlet in the river?

Yes you can.

How do you say singlet in spanish?


Is a singlet a shirt?

Yes a singlet is a shirt. It is a women's shirt which has tight fabric and very thin "spaghetti" straps. It is essentially a camisole.

What is the singlet and doublet states?

In quantum mechanics, a singlet state refers to a state in which two particles have a total spin of zero, and a doublet state refers to a state in which two particles have a total spin of one. Singlet states are symmetric under particle exchange, while doublet states are antisymmetric. These states play a crucial role in determining the behavior and properties of systems of interacting particles.