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you say "hip" or "yep/ yip" or "hey bull"

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Q: What do you say while fighting a bull?
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When was World Fighting Bull created?

World Fighting Bull was created in 1984.

Should bullfighting be stopped?

Bull Fighting has been a culture of Spain for centuries and the Matadors commended for bravery. Bull Fighting is also an art form and graceful, but I am totally against it. The bull generally doesn't stand a chance and I refuse to watch Bull Fighting (right up there with dog fighting.) I have seen it on TV re accidents and I can't say I feel any sympathy for the Matador getting gored and the bull winning. If the Matador went into the ring without a weapon, a cape and went head on with a bull then I'd watch! To torment animals isn't my bag!

How often do Spain do bull fighting?

They stoped doing it cause of the amount of ppl who were killed or hurted while doing it

Festivals in Spain?

2 of them are bull fighting and tomato fighting

What provokes a fighting bull?

The movement of the cape, not the color, provokes the bull.

What traditions do the spanish have?

bull fighting

Who is the fighting bull dogs?


Where bull fighting is kept?

In Spain

What is the animal used by Spaniards for fighting?

The bull. In Spain they have 'fights' between a man and a bull.

Old Yeller why were the bulls fighting?

Because one bull had to be the "top bull."

Is the bull Spain's national animal?

because the bull is the mightiest beast exept for the lion and they had bull fighting down there and a man named alezxandro the 3rd started bull fighting and asked to make it the national animal.....if u want to find more look it up yourself

For my spanish project should i do it about churros or bull fighting i have 2 days?

i did churros it took alot of time and money so just do bull fighting