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Alright lets put things into perspective. With the majority of WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] programming being filmed in America [Approx. 95% of yearly shows], this is shown at different times over the world. Currently WWE Monday Night RAW is filmed on Monday evenings in America, being shown 'Live' with a delay in the United Kingdom and United States. WWE Friday Night SmackDown! is currently filmed on a Tuesday Evening in America, being shown on Friday Nights in America and the United Kingdom. This allows for the show to be edited before being shown before millions worldwide. Therefore the term spoiler means, information from the shows are usually posted on internet websites before being shown on Television. The word 'Taping' simply means whether the show is being taped for TV Viewing. Some wrestling shows are 'Taped' for Television, while others are known as 'House Shows'. A House Show means what it is called, a show shown just to those in the arena, with no public viewing outside on such things as the TV / Internet.

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Q: What do the words taping and spoilers in wrestling mean I stay very far from the US.?
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