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The belts in tae kwon do mean the rank and experience you are at in you tae kwo do training.

  • The white belt symbolizes innocence. Its the start of your Taekwondo journey.
  • Your yellow belt represents the earth. It's like putting the soil in a pot for a plant to grow. In this case the soil is your basic taekwondo technique and the plant is your taekwondo.
  • Your green belt symbolizes the plant that is starting to grow. Your taekwondo techniques at this stage are starting to blossom.
  • Your taekwondo blue belt represents the sky. Your taekwondo plant is now growing tall towards the sky.
  • Red is for danger. Taekwondo red belts have lots of skill but may need to work on their self control.
  • And finally taekwondo black belt which represents maturity and rejection of darkness.
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  • White Belt (10th Kup) - White signifies the innocence of the beginner and his ignorance of Taekwondo.
  • White Belt with Yellow Stripe (9th Kup)
  • Yellow Belt (8th Kup) - Yellow represents the earth, from where a plant takes root and sprouts as the foundations of Taekwondo are laid.
  • Yellow Belt with Green Stripe (7th Kup)
  • Green Belt (6th Kup) - Green signifies the plant itself as, like a plant, the student's Taekwondo skills continue to grow.
  • Green Belt with Blue Stripe (5th Kup)
  • Blue Belt (4th Kup) - Blue represents the heavens above, the divine direction in which the plant is growing.
  • Blue Belt with Red Stripe (3rd Kup)
  • Red Belt (2nd Kup) - Red signifies danger, warning the student of his own capability for damage and other students of his skill.
  • Red Belt with Black Stripe (1st Kup)
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Q: What do the belts in Tae Kwon Do mean?
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