What do samurais worship?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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The Samurai were heavily influenced by the Chinese Chan(禅) sect of Buddhism. It was introduced to Japan in the 12th-century, around the same time that the Samurai class came into being. Chan is better known by its Japanese pronunciation, Zen. Unlike Pure Land Buddhism, another popular sect in Japan, which relies on saviors like Bodhisattvas, Zen emphasizes meditation and personal salvation. I'm sure many samurai venerated the Buddha or Shinto deities (given Japan was a very religious culture), but Zen influenced them more than any other spiritual path.

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Q: What do samurais worship?
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Do samurais speak Thai?

No. Samurais are from Japan, not Thailand. They Speak Japanese.

What kind of weaponry do Samurais use?

Samurais are most noted for their katana use. Samurais are most skilled with the katana. Samurais also carry a backup weapon called a wakizashi. Both the katana and wakizashi are forms of a sword. Some Samurais also use a bow known as a yumi.

How long do samurais have to serve?

As long as they still alive, they are still consider a samurais

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What are some interests of samurais?

They kill any people they want, and people are scared of the samurais!

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This link will provide some good information on Samurais.

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History tells that ninjas used to be farmers, who defeated the samurais for revenge.

Are samurais flexible?

Are samurais are flexible especially for the female ones which are trained well.

What do samurais live to do?

samurais were when japan was in the feudal system- they were hired by their lords to protect them from attackrs, and they would be given land in exchange

What were a samurais duties for their masters?

to listen

When did samurais live?

696700 BCE

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