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Q: What do boxers and astronauts both see?
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What do you boxers and astronauts both see?


What can astronauts see in space?

Astronauts can see planets, stars, and species.

Can boxers see color?


We see astronauts floating in space but not on earth.why?

We see astronauts floating in space but not on earth.why?

Does David Henrie wear boxers?

yes he does indeed wear boxers look on youtube to see

What kind of underwear does actor Matt Prokop wear?

Boxer shorts and really tight briefs in which you can see how "endowed" he is. He wears boxers

Is an astronauts work inside or outside?

Astronauts work both inside and outside the spacecraft. Inside, they conduct various experiments, operate equipment, and communicate with mission control. Outside, they perform spacewalks to conduct repairs, maintenance, and install new equipment on the spacecraft.

What is the collective noun for astronauts?

The appropriate collective noun for 'astronauts' is a crew of astronauts.However, I did see a recommendation for 'a launch of astronauts'.

Do you put boxer briefs before putting on your boxers?

Usually it's either tighties or boxers, but not both. You can try wearing both if you like, but that's a lot of cotton to stuff into your crotch and you might end up feeling more than just a tad uncomfortable. Try it at home first, while you sit in a straight-backed chair for a couple of hours, reading or doing homework, to see how it feels.

What weather can astronauts see?

Looking down on the earth the astronauts can see hurricanes, sometimes lightning at night, and general cloud formations.

Are woven boxers more comfortable than knit boxers?

Many men prefer knit boxers. Men prefer Different boxers in different seasons. Woven in summer and knit in winter. You should try the two yourself and see what you like

Is Taylor Lautner a boxers or pants type of guy?

boxers in one of his posters you can see the aeropostale logo of his boxers omg i luv Taylor lautner soooooooooooooooo much I <3 Taylor 4ever