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Q: What directons front near phoenix moving?
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What is one town that is near a desert?


The nations largest cites are located near what?


Name a city near the sonoran desert?


What is a city near the Sonoran Desert?

Phoenix, Arizona is a major city that is near the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States.

What are some hotels in Phoenix AZ near the airport?

There are many hotels in Phoenix, AZ that are located near an Airport. There is La Quinta inns, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Best Western Airport inn, Days In Phoenix Airport and many more.

Where does phoenix kerridge live?

nowhere near a bin i think :)

Where did NASA's Phoenix land?

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft landed on Mars in a region called Green Valley, within the larger area known as Vastitas Borealis, in May 2008. It landed near the Martian north pole.

Which state capitol denver Colorado or Phoenix Arizona has the colder climate?

Denver, for it is near the Rocky Mountains and Phoenix is in a desert

Is tolleson same as Phoenix?

Tolleson is on the outskirts of Phoenix, however not far. It's near (I think) Buckeye in the southwestern part.

Civic makes rattling noise when moving?

heat shields are all over honda's....look by the exhaust near the back, or under the car near the front. Probably just got bent and now it rattles

What is the city on the Alabama-Georgia border that is near Phoenix City AL?

Columbus GA. Other side of the river from Phoenix City.

What part of Phoenix does Bella Swan live in before moving to Forks in 'Twilight'?

In the book 'Twilight,' Bella Swan lives in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Forks, Washington. She resides in a house near her mom, Renée, before relocating to live with her father, Charlie, in Forks.