What did samurais eat during war?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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during war they ate anything they could get their hands on that was ediable. they often killed animals for their protein.

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Q: What did samurais eat during war?
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Do samurais still use katanas today?

Samurais aren't around as much nowadays but they traditions do live on, especially during World War 2 as many of the Kamikaze pilots had katanas in their planes as a sign of bushido- bravery in battle, not being afraid of death etc.

What did samurais eat?

Samurais often ate simple food that consisted of rice, vegetables, soybeans, fish, seaweed and fruit. Japanese food was mainly always nutritious.

During the 1500s Before meeting who did the knights and samurais both fight?

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

What food did they eat during the revolutionary war?


Do samurais speak Thai?

No. Samurais are from Japan, not Thailand. They Speak Japanese.

What kind of weaponry do Samurais use?

Samurais are most noted for their katana use. Samurais are most skilled with the katana. Samurais also carry a backup weapon called a wakizashi. Both the katana and wakizashi are forms of a sword. Some Samurais also use a bow known as a yumi.

How long do samurais have to serve?

As long as they still alive, they are still consider a samurais

What did the south on the plantations eat during the civil war?


Who would win in a fight Vikings or samries?

Vikings are much stronger, but Samurais are faster. Also Samurais aren't afraid to die so probably Samurais.

What are some interests of samurais?

They kill any people they want, and people are scared of the samurais!

The Office of War information advised citizens to eat less during the war in order to?

The office of war information advised citizens to eat less during the war in order to conserve food for soldiers.

What people ate during war?

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