What did mahummad do?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What did mahummad do?
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What do Muslims believe about mahummad?

that he a holy prophet

What was mahummad Ali's wifes names?

Yolanda Ali

What was mahummad alis greatest achievement?

some might say heavyweight champion three times. Others might say it was his stand against serving in the Army during the Vietnam war even knowing what it would cost him. I think it was that he became the most beloved sports figure in history.

Is muhammed Ali Muslim?

Yes, Mahummad is a muslimEDITIn 1964, he converted from Christianaty to nation of Islam, and In 1975, Ali converted from nation of Islam to Sunni, and in 2005 embraced Sufism. so yes, he is Muslimalhamudlilah by allahs grace alh alh mashalah

How do Muslims believe you get to heaven?

I`m a Muslim .. and I`m Arabianfirst I want to apologize for my bad Englishwe Muslims believe that the things in quran and what Prophet Muhammad asked us to dowill get us into heavenfor example : don`t lie , don`t kill , don`t steal ,don`t have sex ( exept your wife ) , treat people in a good way ( if they are none Muslims treat them better that you treat a Muslim ) , smile to people , don`t hurt their feelings , don`t talk about someone in a bad behind his back , don`t forget your parents and make them happypray 5 times , fast in Ramadan , help the poor people give them moneywell there is alot of things we get us into heavenbut that doesn`t mean that 100% we will get inot heavenif a Muslim doesn`t do these things .. he will be pushe to Hell; unless being forgiven by Allah (God in English).Answer BFulfilling your duties as a good Muslim will get you into the Paradise per God mercy and forgiveness. Refer to question below on the duties of a good Muslim.

Who was mahummad bin tuglaq?

Muhammad bin Tughluq (Persian: محمد بن تغلق) (also Prince Fakhr Malik, Jauna Khan andUlugh Khan) (c.1300 - 1351) was the Turkic Sultan of Delhi from 1325 to 1351. He was the eldest son of Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq. Ghiyath al-din sent the young Muhammad to the Deccanto campaign against king Prataparudra of the Kakatiya dynasty whose capital was atWarangal. Muhammad succeeded to the Delhi throne upon his father's death in 1325.Muhammad Tughluq was a scholar versed in logic, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and physical sciences. He had knowledge of medicine and was skillful in dialectics. He was also a calligrapher. Ibn BatutaTughlaq was committed to maintaining the Sultanate's expansion into the newly conquered provinces of peninsular India. To strengthen the sultanate's hold on its southern parts, Tughluq early in his reign moved the capital from Delhi to Devagiri, 700 miles (1500 km) south in theDeccan, renaming Devagiri as Daulatabad. Instead of moving just his government offices there, he forcibly moved the entire population of Delhi to the new capital. The plan proved disastrous due to Mongol Attack on North.Inadequate water supply arrangements in Daulatabad; after only two years, the capital had to be shifted back again to Delhi. Multitudes died during the two moves, and it was said that Delhi was a ghost town for years after the move back. "When I entered Delhi, it was almost like a desert", wrote the famed North African travel writer, ibn Battuta. Tughluq also introduced token currency for the first time in India, modelled after the Chinese example, using brass or copper coins, backed by silver and gold kept in the treasury. However, very few people exchanged their gold or silver coins for the new copper ones. Moreover, the tokens were easy to forge, which led to heavy losses. It is said that after the plan failed, there were heaps of copper coins lying around the Muhammad bin Tughluq was very ambitious and he was planning to attack surrounding countries, probably China. To fund his campaign he decided to accumulate wealth. He started to move his wealth from Devagiri to Delhi through the Gujarati port of Khambhat. During that timeMokhadaji Gohil ruled nearby Ghogha and Piram Bet (presently near Bhavnagar). In 1347, he got information about moving of treasure by the Delhi Sultanate through Khambhat. His navy seized the port and looted the Delhi Sultanate's cargoes. Tughluq sent his army to defeat Mokhadaji Gohil, who skillfully waged a naval war from his base at Piram Bet. The sultanate's army's strategy was to cordon Piram Bet, but they were not well experienced in naval warfare and were easily defeated. Thereafter, Muhammad bin Tughluq himself came to Gujarat to take charge. He established his base in Ghogha and resolved not to leave until Mokhadaji was killed. During the initial few months he didn't taste any success in his efforts to capture Piram Bet. He therefore schemed to entice Mokhadaji to come ashore in order to engage him in land battle. To this end he recruited a rich Vaishnav merchant of Khambhat, who was promised trade benefits if he could convince Mokhadaji to come on land to fight. The merchant went to Piram and emotionally told Mokhadaji that the local people felt very oppressed by the sultan's occupying army, and wished to wage battle for Mokhadaji if the latter would come to them. Mokhadaji heeded the plea, lost the battle, was taken prisoner near Khadarpar village, and was beheaded near Ghogha. But his force continued to fight. Muhammad bin Tughluq is said to have been so upset to witness the horrible scene of a beheaded Mokhadaji in battle, that he didn't sleep for many nights. offices for years. (Moroccan traveler) visited him during his reign. [1]