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Q: What did kelly miller contribute to mathmatics?
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What was Kelly Miller contribute?

kelly miller was famous because he fought for African Americans

What did Kelly Miller contribute to math?

Well all i know is that he was a sociologist.

What did Kelly Miller contribute to the world of mathematics?

she cave a lot of money

When was Kelly Miller born?

Kelly miller was born on July 18, 1863

When was Kelly Miller Smith born?

Kelly Miller Smith was born in 1920.

What did Kelly Miller contribute to the mathematical world?

Kelly Miller's main contributions were in civil liberties rather than mathematics. He was the first person of African American origin to study at John Hopkins University but could not keep attending because of financial difficulties.

What was kelly miller important contribution to math?

Kelly Miller modernized the classical curriculum.

When was Kelly Miller - scientist - born?

Kelly Miller - scientist - was born on 1863-07-23.

When did Kelly Miller - scientist - die?

Kelly Miller - scientist - died on 1939-12-29.

When did Kelly Miller High School end?

Kelly Miller High School ended in 1956.

When was Kelly Miller High School created?

Kelly Miller High School was created in 1903.

When was Kelly Miller - basketball - born?

Kelly Miller - basketball - was born on 1978-09-06.