What culture invented karate?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No. Karate is a blend of White Crane style Kung fu and Okinawan Wrestling (te). Legend says that Kung fu was created by the Bodhidharma in the Buddhist temples of China and that he was an Indian prince.

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Karate came from the Ryu Kyu Islands (Okinawa) based on a combination of their wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu.

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Q: What culture invented karate?
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Where was shotokan karate invented?

Shotokan karate was brought to Japan from Okinawa.

What can you learn about Japanese culture?

the food, costumes and karate(maybe)

Who invented chito ryu karate?

Chitose Tsuyoshi

Who invented the exercise tae bo?

Karate Champion Billy Blanks invented Tae Bo in 1976.

Who discovered kenpo karate?

The oldest form of Kenpo taught in American schools is Kenpo karate. In 1949, William K.S. Chow invented it

What culture said karate first?

Karate comes from Okinawa. They originally translated it to mean China Hands, but today it is translated as Empty Hands.

How did karate affect Japanese culture during the edo period?

It had no effect on the Edo period. Karate was a martial art in Okinawa. It did not go to Japan until the 1930's.

Who invented shotokan karate?

It was a style of karate brought to Japan from Okinawa by Gichin Funakoshi. He modified Shorin Ryu karate to fit the what was needed in Japan. It was named after his pen name Shoto and the name for a place, Kan.

Where was karate in vented?

As far as I know (from listening in karate class) martial arts started in China and were brought to Japan along with calligraphy and art. However, the stereotypical, "karate" (there are many many different forms) was "invented" in Japan.

How did karate get invented?

It was a combination of traditional Okinawan wrestling and Chinese White Crane Kung Fu.

What are the reason for getting involved in karate?

Many people have different reasons for doing karate. Some want to be able to defend themselves. Others are looking for exercise. Some are interested in the culture associated with the art.

What did karate start as?

The history of Karate is full of uncertainty and mythology. It has been suggested that 1,500 years ago a young buddhist monk (Bodhidharma) invented a method of self-defense that was possibly the original form of Karate during the 5th or 6th Century AD.