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Q: What channel is Ohio valley wrestling in America?
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When was Ohio Valley Wrestling created?

Ohio Valley Wrestling was created in 1998.

What channel does Ohio valley Wrestling come on in the United States?

ovw doesn't come on tv.

What is the duration of Ohio Valley Wrestling?

The duration of Ohio Valley Wrestling is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the OVW?

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) is a wrestling promotion based in kentucky.

Which is the best wrestling school in US?

for wwe it would be Ohio valley wrestling or Florida championship wrestling

What channel is Ohio Valley Wrestling on in the United Kingdom?

Ohio Valley Wrestling is only shown in the Louisville, Kentucky CW Market. Unless some deal was reached that would allow OVW to be on in the UK, I don't think OVW programming is available. Youtube is a good source for OVW releated things and I highly recommend it.

What channel is Ohio Valley Wrestling aired on and at what times?

OVW can be seen on Saturday nights at 11:00 PM EST on WBKI-34 in Louisville, KY (Cable channel 7). We're always looking to expand our television lineup. If OVW is not offered where you live, call your local television station or cable operator, and tell them you'd like to see Ohio Valley Wrestling's weekly show!

Where was john cena initially trained?

He trained at Ohio Valley Wrestling

Did JBL really quit the world wrestling entertainment?

Yes he did. he is going to start promoting mma in Ohio valley wrestling

Where do most of the scouts go to watch for pro wrestling?

the WWE generally scouts from Florida Championship Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling (located in kentucky)

How can you join Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW?

Become a good wrestler and then try at get a trial.

What collage did Randy Orton go to?

Ohio Valley Wrestling with john cena and batista