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where is friction used in Wrestling

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Q: What causes friction force in the sport of wrestling?
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What is the name of the famous wrestling sport from Japan?

Sumo Wresting is the most famous sport in Japan.

What sport causes the most fractures?

Probably wrestling, football, rugby, and a little bit of soccer

What sport is better lacrosse or wrestling?


Is wrestling a fall or winter sport?

wrestling is an all year sport.

How is WWE is sport?

If you mean how is WWE a sport then its because wrestling is a sport and it is world wrestling entertainment! sorry if your question means different!

An examples of team sport and group sport?


What is Oklahoma's state sport?

Wrestling is the sport in Oklahoma.

National sport of turkey?

Yağlı güreş. In English, oil wrestling or grease wrestling. The wrestlers participating in the sport douse themselves with olive oil. Hence, the name of the sport.

What sport is the best Swimming Baseball or Wrestling?

Wrestling is the best.

Is TNA Wrestling a sport?

Yes. It is wrestling. Wrestling is a sport. July 3, 2008 As a matter of fact no they are not a sport they are considered Wrestling Entertainment the same as WWE is Pro Wrestling isn't considered a sport. Its just entertaiment. I have been a fan all my life and I can answer that with pride. all it is basically is a "Manly soap opera" TNA SUCKS

What is a force of one sport?

There is Down Hill Skiing as a sport which might use alot of forces Like: speed, acceleration, velocity, friction, position and motion. T.

Is sumo wrestling the most popular sport in China?

Sumo is a Japanese sport, no a Chinese sport. Sumo Wrestling in China, has therefore a limited following.