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rocky randell

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Q: What boxer had the most fights in one year?
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Is victor ortiz a boxer?

Yes he is a 25 year old boxer one of my fav he is in the welterweight divion

WAS there a boxer named Jack Stanley in the 1940 AND 1950?

Research shows only one Jack Stanley on record as having fought in the 1940s... A British journeyman heavyweight who had three fights in that decade, each one a defeat

What boxer has one the most titles at different weights?

Oscar dela hoya with 6

What are the most important things to know about boxer dogs?

One of the most important things to know about boxer dogs is that all of them are not mean. They are trained to be mean but in many cities, you must register them as a dangerous dog.

When was One Armed Boxer created?

One Armed Boxer was created in 1971.

Derek Andrews pro boxer of lewisville TX?

A tall rangy boxer with an excellent jab. Super middleweight division (168 lbs). He one time fought Carlos DeLeon Jr. Only 12 pro fights in record; inactive since January 08. Will be 38 years old in 2010.

Where can one view videos of knife fights?

One can view videos of knife fights on Youtube or most any video sharing sites. Blinxx, Break and Metacafe are some common ones that show uploaded videos of knife fights and other altercations.

How do you fight a griffin?

In most accounts of myth, no one fights a griffin so there are is no method.

What is the duration of One Armed Boxer?

The duration of One Armed Boxer is 1.48 hours.

Where can one find teen fights?

One can find teen fights online. Some of the useful websites where one can watch teen fights are YouTube, Gorilla Fights, Break, Dailymotion and Chucky's Fight.

How many school fights happen per year?

The exact number of school fights per year can vary, but on average, there are about 800,000 incidents of violence in U.S. schools annually. However, it's important to note that this number can fluctuate based on various factors like school size, location, and demographics.

Can a boxer be the undisputed champion in 2 divisions at the same time?

A boxer does not have to select which weight class they will fight in. They may fight in any weight class as long as they weigh less than the maximum for the class the day before the fight at the weigh-in.The boxer will schedule fights in both weight classes months apart from each other. This allows the boxer to make the weight for one fight and have several months to gain or lose weight to make the weight for the other class.