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Q: What bell used for boxing's warning?
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What is a Disaster warning?

its a bell

Why does the warning bell work off and on not all the time?

abs break bell

What is an alarm bell?

An alarm bell is a bell which can be set to alert someone at a pre-set time, or a warning of imminent danger.

Who is in charge of ringing the warning bell in To Kill a Mockingbird?

In "To Kill a Mockingbird," Miss Maudie Atkinson is in charge of ringing the warning bell during emergencies in Maycomb.

Has the warning bell rang yet is it rang or rung?

The correct past participle form of "ring" is "rung." Therefore, the correct question should be: "Has the warning bell rung yet?"

When and at what time did the warning ring out the rms titanic?

The warning bell was chimed three times at about 11:40 PM.

What is the red warning light that looks like a bell for?

It is an alarm light.

What is the role of the bell in the history of independence?

The bell was originally used to announce the time on ships. Then it was used by the town criers to announce the news to small communities. As communities grew the churches adopted the bell to call the people to worship and as a warning that danger was approaching. Teachers used a smaller bell to call children to school. Bells were rung across the country to announce the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Liberty from the King of England. Thus the bell that cracked during this event was called the Liberty Bell.

How do you turn off seat belt warning bell in an Avalon?

by putting on your seatbelt

How do you know if you have traction control on a 2005 trailblazer?

A 2005 Trailblazer that is equipped with traction control sensors is going to have a warning device to warn if traction is lost. The warning is usually in the form of a dash light with a tire sitting at an angle. Other warning devices might be used like a bell or beeper.

What is a moose bell?

A moose bell is a metal device attached to the collar of a working moose, such as those used in harnessing or logging operations. It serves as a warning sound to alert others to the moose's presence. Sometimes, these bells are also used for decorative purposes on domesticated moose or as souvenirs.

How long are heavyweight boxings rounds?

The rounds in a heavyweight fight are three minutes long.