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In foil, the target area is from the neck, down to the groin, but it goes around to the back also.

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Q: What are the target areas in foil fencing?
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What is the subject of this sentence in foil fencing points are scored by hitting an electric target?

"In foil fencing, points are scored by hitting an electric target."The subject of that sentence is the word points.

In electric fencing what defines the target area?

The target area depends on the weapon that you are using. If you are fencing Epee, the target area is your opponent's entire body. If you are fencing Saber, the target area is your opponent's body from the waist up. If you are fencing the third and final weapon, Foil, the target area is simply your opponent's torso. This excludes their legs, arms, and head, limiting it to the chest and stomach region.

What are the three major weapons in fencing?

The three main weapons in fencing are: 1. SABER Saber involves wearing an electric vest that extends from the neck to the wrists to the waist. All of this area is target. Saber has a large handle, and fencing saber involves slashing at the opponent on the target area, unlike the other two weapons which involve stabbing. 2. FOIL Foilists wear an electric vest without sleeves. All of this is target area. Foil has a small rounded handle. Fencing foil involves stabbing at the opponent on the target area. 3. EPÉE (EH-pay) Epeeists do not wear an electric vest, as the whole body is target, including the feet. Epées have a large handle. Epée fencers stab at the opponent anywhere on the body in order to get touches. All three weapons are the same length, and alike in most ways apart from the ones mentioned above.

What does the foil fencing mean in Catcher in the Rye?

Olympic sport of fencing, one of the weapons is the foil.

What is a fencing blade?

There are three types of fencing swords each with different rules : Foil, Eppe and Sabre. The blade of a foil is called a "Foil blade"The blade of an eppe is called an "Eppe Blade"Etc

Which sport uses foil?

Fencing uses a foil (sword).

Synonym for fencing sword?


Which sport uses a foil and a Sabre?

If one wishes to learn fencing, a foil would be a good choice to begin. One could read more by using the link to the Wikipedia article on the foil. The foil is a preliminary weapon in fencing. Fencing is a right-of-way sport and can be very complicated. The foil has a French grip and a circular pommel, and the blade is a lot like a thin metal rod. A [[fencers]] sword is called a foil.

What is a foil in Sea of Monsters?

A foil is a type of fencing sword. There are three types: foil, epee, and sabre.

What are the fencing weoppons?

foil, sabre, and epee.

Is there foil fencing in the Olympics?

Yes, there is individual men's foil, men's team foil, individual woman's foil, and women's team foil.

What equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition?

The following equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition: Underarm Protector Chest Plate (For Ladies) Body Cords (2) Fencing Jacket Electrical Foil Lame Electrical Foils (2) Fencing knickers (pants) Knee- high socks Shoes Mask