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  • It is a very enjoyable sport
  • It is often used for the rehabilitation of people with anger issues due to the lesson is teaches. Respect, discipline and dedication etc...
  • It is a very recognized sport


  • Can be potentially dangerous
  • At a serious level you are training up to 3 times a day 6/7 days a week and so is very tiring. This can have a huge effect on your social and family life
  • Requires a lot of time and dedication, if you do not have the time and dedication to give you will get no where in this sport and only get hurt.
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There are many cons for Wrestling such as...

- It is not a sport

- The wrestlers know who is going to win before the match therefore the participants cannot verse each other fairly

- The wrestlers and influencing children to take part in violent related activities

Thats a few of the points i could think of ... Hope it helped :D

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Pros - Fun to watch, legal, settle some differences, better than on the street

Cons - It's hard to run away, people get hurt, stops the game

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Q: What are the pros and cons of wrestling?
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