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They are called Shime-waza (絞技) or chokes or strangles
  1. Do-jime(胴絞): Trunk strangle. Do-jime is a prohibited technique inJudo,[1]and is considered a 'slight infringement' according to IJF rules, Section 27: Prohibited acts and penalties, article 21[2]
  2. Gyaku Jūji-jime(逆十字絞): Reverse cross strangle
  3. Hadaka-jime(裸絞): Naked strangle
  4. Kata-ha-jime(片羽絞): Single wing strangle
  5. Kata-juji-jime(片十字絞): Half cross strangle
  6. Kata-te-jime(片手絞): One-hand strangle
  7. Nami-juji-jime(並十字絞): Normal cross strangle
  8. Okuri-eri-jime(送襟絞): Sliding lapel strangle
  9. Ryo-te-jime(両手絞): Two-hand strangle
  10. Sankaku-jime(三角絞): Triangular strangle,triangle choke
  11. Sode-guruma-jime(袖車絞): Sleeve wheel strangle (Eziquiel/Ezekiel choke)
  12. Tsukkomi-jime(突込絞): Thrust choke

Warning: Chokes are dangerous never try them, unless you know what you are doing and both persons agree.

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The most commonly used Jujitsu techniques is the rear-naked choke, ambars, and guillotines. Kamuras is an advanced technique, because one will need to learn how to hold a tighter grip on the opponent. The rear-naked choke does not require one to have a strong grip on the other fighter, and it is very easy to choke, then sink in and hold until there is a tap.

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there are many moves so many over 60 so you can never tell but they make and remove moves because there are many dangerous moves which can kill

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Hip throw, Body drop, Valley drop, Stamp throw, Leg throw, Inner wind, Outer wind, Arm lock, Shoulder lock, Falcon arm lock, Indian death lock

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Any from basics like osoto gari, ogoshi, tai otoshi, uki goshi, o uchi ari, ko uchi gari, then advanced throws like, sasae tsuri komi ashi, kata garuma, tomi nague, sumi gaesh

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Q: What are the names of some jujitsu moves?
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