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Q: What are the dimensions of a matador's cape?
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What do matadors wave at the bull?

Traditionally, matadors wave a red cape at the bull. The bull is supposed to get angry at the color red, making him charge the matador. In reality, the bull does not care what color the cape is. He will charge a cape of any color.

What is the thing that matadors swing?

Are you referring to the cape used by the matador in a fight? There are two capes used:capote - large violet or rose cape used in the first parts of the bullfight.muleta - a smaller red cape used in the final stage of the bullfight.

What is the percentage of matadors that get hurt?

About %21 of matadors get hurt.

When was Miami Matadors created?

Miami Matadors was created in 1998.

When did Miami Matadors end?

Miami Matadors ended in 1999.

When was San Antonio Matadors created?

San Antonio Matadors was created in 2000.

What is cal state northridge basketball team name?

Matty the Matadors

Why do matadors say olay?

Matadors do not say ole, the aficionados(audience) yells ole when the matador performs well. With each good pass the matador makes with his cape, the audience will show its approval with that complement.

What Spanish sport involves matadors?

The Spainish sport that involves matadors is bull fighting. The matadors are the people that fight the bulls.Bullfighting is not considered a sport, it is considered an art.

When was The Matadors created?

The Matador was created on 2005-12-30.

What are matadors capes called?

He has three capes:1.) Capote de brega - large magenta work cape.2.) Muleta - used in final stage of the bullfight3.) Capote de paseo - cape worn over the shoulder of the matador during the paseo (entrance parade).

When was Carinthian Matadors Rugby Football Club created?

Carinthian Matadors Rugby Football Club was created in 2003.