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If from age 5 to 14 a relative taught you how to Box properly, and you have been in good Boxing gyms since age 14, not necessarily fighting but practicing hard nonstop and have flawless form, I'd say pretty good, actually. Especially true if while at the gym, or some amateur fight you found out you could take a punch. However if you are just getting started, best stay away from the ring before you get murdered. If you don't mind I'm going to share with you a little story, which illustrates what you will encounter in the ring.

Way back when in 2001, I visited "relatives" in Honduras (using quotes; long story, won't bother you with it), anyway, one of them became interested in Boxing. Now, the head Boxing coach of the "Via Olympica" in Tegucigalpa Honduras was Cuban, and Cuban Boxers as you well know are some of the most dangerous in the world. Naturally one of my "cousins," who is a hardcore Boxing fan, and back in the 80's he was an ultra hardcore Mike Tyson fan, got interested, because he knows all about the Cuban Boxing game. One of the perks of having a cultural connection to Latin America, is that you get advice from some of the best bangers in the world. Most Latino (regardless of race) Boxers are not hulking guys but they know the game.

Anyway, while accompanied him to the Boxing gym where he trained it was all standard fare stuff; speed bags, double end bags, medicine balls, it was bare bones and ultra traditional as obviously Honduras does not have a whole lot of money. All the same it was complete with a ring and everything. Now, the kids that were there from the looks of them, they were all street kids, the kind that lives in cardboard houses. Now, one of them, was hitting a punching bag, and the drumming sound he was making was akin to the rhythm of a machine gun. Imagine an AK-47 that never runs out of bullets, being fired for a solid hour. This kid, was banging away at that bag, nonstop, for a solid hour.

At first I just ignored him figuring "ah, he'll tire." I just sat there, waiting for my cousin to finish some business with one of the coaches, and waited, and waited, and then I noticed it was 40 minutes in, and this kid, he did not stop. I looked into his eyes, he looked at mine, and I just saw a frightening desperation. There was no malice in them at all towards me, or anybody, but I DID sense blood thirstyness, again while holding no personal grudge against ME personally, he looked ready to fight me at the drop of a hat. Pretty soon a solid hour had passed and that kid, was still banging away at that bag as hard as he could, as fast as he could. Said kid at the time was roughly 14.

Have you ever spent any time at all on a punching bag? Even back when I was ripped and fit, the most I could stand in my prime was 10 solid minutes of nonstop banging, as hard and as fast as I could. Yet this kid did it for a solid hour. When he looked into my eyes I understood clearly what actor Carl Weathers meant in the third Rocky movie when he talked about the "eye of the tiger." Basically, the "eye of the tiger," is the ability to keep going, long after in fact your body has quit. The truth is, indeed, the most a physically fit young body can handle in terms of nonstop striking, is 10 to 15 minutes, if you are giving that heavy bag all you got. Boxers, the ones who go on to become serious contenders, even the heavies, can do it for a solid hour. The truth is their body has quit the first 15 minutes, but, somehow, something drives them to keep going.

If you do not have the determination and desperation, to bang away at a heavy bag for a solid hour, giving it all you got, stay the hell away from the ring, trust me on this, those guys will kill you. Nothing personal on their part, they're just desperate, that is what gives them the "eye of the tiger." If you do not have pain and desperation to bring to the ring, do not, I repeat, do not step in there, don't fight those men.

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The chance is about... 1 IN 1000

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If your outstanding in your local Boxing Gym you could have a pretty good chance of becoming professional, meaning if you dominate your gym and everyone is fearing you but if not then I think the chances really depend on how hard you train and how much you train whilst have the utmost dedication

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Q: What are the chances of a 28 year old man becoming boxing champion of the world?
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