What are the best boxing gloves for a novice?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Im my opinion, I think Reyes are the best quality gloves. the have less padding around the knuckles area though, hence, known as the "punchers glove". but if your still new to the fight game, and looking for glove4s that would suit a beginner, I would go with a glove that had more padding around the knuckle--- Grant or Everlast.

Whilst I agree that Cleto Reyes are probably the best gloves in the world and the most expensive!....I honestly believe that Everlast gloves are not as good as they were since a great deal of their production is made in the far east - Still a good glove, but not as good....Just my opinion. Lonsdale have always made a good glove also. For a good priced glove a friend of mine as just purchased a pair of Ringwise gloves, which also seems to be a good glove.

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Q: What are the best boxing gloves for a novice?
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