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Q: What are some terms that describe bullfighting?
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Why is Spain famous for bullfighting?

Bullfighting in its current form developed in Spain although many ancient cultures had some form of bull taunting or bullfighting.

What are some famous venues of bullfighting?

Some famous venues for bullfighting include The Plaza de Torros de Las Ventas in Spain as well as Plaza Mexico located in Mexico City. Plaza Mexico is considered to be the largest venue for bullfighting.

Is bullfighting popular in Cuba?

Bullfighting only occurred in colonial Cuba and in rare occasions after that. Bullfighting has been outlawed in Cuba.

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What are some statistics on bullfighting?

What types of statistics are you searching for? Please be specific.

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What sports are related to bullfighting?

None. Bullfighting is not considered a sport but an art form.

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Are there different ways on playing bullfighting?

Bullfighting is not a game, it is not 'played.' It is a serious art form and each matador will have his own style. Some are more traditional and others more casual and reckless in their approach to their performance.