What are some taekwando moves?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The term "style" does not accurately apply to Taekwondo. Following the Japanese occupation of Korea during WWII, several "Kwans" (family of schools like a clan), each under the leadership of a different founder, began teaching a variety of Martial Art methods. The first was the Chung Do Kwan, which was first opened in 1944, and became the largest civilian Kwan. In an effort to unite the various Kwans, the Korean National Martial Art was restructured, and named "Taekwondo" on April 11, 1955. This was completed through the recognition, and unification the main Kwans into the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), in 1961.

Even though the Korean government ordered the recognition of nine Kwans (plus a 10th administration Kwan) to be numbered then dissolved into the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), the subculture of Kwans remains in existence today. It is often said that there are not different "styles" of Taekwondo, but each Kwan has variations on their own curriculum for teaching Taekwondo. With the growing popularity of Taekwondo worldwide, and the creation of a multitude of Federations and Associations, as well as independently run schools, there are many interpretations of what Taekwondo is.

As for different "moves" in Taekwondo, this can vary from one organization to the next, and involves a very in-depth answer as to the full curriculum of Taekwondo techniques and tactics. The basics are stances ("seogi" and "gubi"), blocks ("makgi"), hand strikes ("chigi" and "jirugi"), and kicks ("chagi"). Practice includes basic movements ("gibon undong"), forms ("teul," "hyeong," and "pumsae"), self defense tactics ("hoshinsul," "hapkido," and "yudo"), breaking skills ("Kyeokpa"), one-step sparring ("Ilbo-gyorugi"), and free-sparring ("Jayu Gyorugi").

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In Taekwondo, there several ways to punch with a jumeok (clenched fist):

- Straight forward punch with a horizontal fist.

- Straight forward punch with a vertical fist.

- Upset punch.

- Turning punch.

- Angle punch.

- Twin horizontal punches.

- Twin vertical punches.

- Parallel punches

- U-shaped punch (digeut jireugi)

- Back-fist

- Hammer-fist

- knuckle punch.

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avoid, block, counter strike (kick, punch, elbow, knee), restrain, apply pressure points and joint manipulation, take-down, throw, and when necessary - grapple/strike/injure/escape........ survive.

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Q: What are some taekwando moves?
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