What are all the WrestleManias?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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WrestleMania - 1985

WrestleMania 2 - 1986

WrestleMania III - 1987

WrestleMania IV - 1988

WrestleMania V - 1989

WrestleMania VI - 1990

WrestleMania VII - 1991

WrestleMania VIII - 1992

WrestleMania IX - 1993

WrestleMania X - 1994

WrestleMania XI - 1995

WrestleMania XII - 1996

WrestleMania 13 - 1997

WrestleMania XIV - 1998

WrestleMania XV - 1999

WrestleMania 2000 - 2000

WrestleMania X-Seven - 2001

WrestleMania X8 - 2002

WrestleMania XIX - 2003

WrestleMania XX - 2004

WrestleMania 21/WrestleMania Goes Hollywood - 2005

WrestleMania 22 - 2006

WrestleMania 23 - 2007

WrestleMania XXIV -2008

The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania/WrestleMania XXV/WrestleMania 25/ WrestleMania's 25th Anniversary - 2009

WrestleMania XXVI - 2010

WrestleMania XXVII - 2011

WrestleMania XXVIII - 2012

WrestleMania XXIX - 2013

WrestleMania XXX/ WrestleMania III0 - 2014

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WrestleMania 19 he just rap he doesn't had a match , WrestleMania 20 vs Big Show .WrestleMania 21 vs JBL (he won his first WWE tittle ) WrestleMania 22 vs Triple H , WrestleMania 23 vs Shawn Michaels , WrestleMania 24 vs Randy Orton vs Triple H WrestleMania 25 vs Edge vs Big Show , WrestleMania 26 vs Batista , WrestleMania 27 vs Miz , WrestleMania 28 vs Rock ....And he will have more probably next WrestleMania will be agains Undertaker and Undertaker will lost

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there has been 28 wrestle manias and 29 is on April 7th 2013 which is coming up

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Wrestlemania 25 was Shawn Michaels 16th wrestlemania match

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he was in wrestlemania 3 up until wrestylemania 22

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There have been 28 WrestleManias

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Q: What are all the WrestleManias?
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Who went against undertaker at all WrestleManias?

shaun micheals the heartbreak kid

How do you unlock all the characters in sm vs raw 2010?

you have to complete the road to wrestlemanias

How do you get druid svr 2011 xbox?

You can get the Druid Arena by successfully completing all five Road To Wrestlemanias!

Who has been in the most WrestleManias?

undertaker with 20 appearances

How do you unlock Jerry lawler svr 2010?

you unlock Jerry lawler by doing all the wrestlemanias in wwe 2010 and the optional goal................

How many WrestleMania matches was Triple H in?

19 wrestlemanias out of which he won 17..

Does druid wrestle?

Well i know in smaackdown vs. raw 2011 he does when you beat all 5 road to wrestlemanias, but he actually sucks he has an overall of like 55

How do you win the druids in road to WrestleMania last match?

To unlock the Druid character in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, you must complete all the Road to Wrestlemanias.

Can you play as a created superstar in road to WrestleMania in svr 2011?

Yes, all the Road to Wrestlemanias in the Smackdown vs. Raw series have the option to play as a created superstar or diva.

How do you onlock stadaims smack down vs raw 2011?

in wwe universe you have to play at least 1 match at a ppv for undertaker's druid arena you have to finish all the road to wrestlemanias

How many times hbk won wrestlemaina?

He has wrestled at 16 of 25 wrestlemanias and only won six.

Will WWE 12 have road to WrestleManias'?

The Road To wrestlemania-gameMode will also return with new storylines and gameplay improvements.