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Q: What animal print is on the shorts worn by boxer Prince Naseem?
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What animal print is on shorts worn by a boxer called Prince Naseem?


Who is Naseem Hamed?

He is a British boxer, also known as 'Prince' Naseem.

How old is Prince Naseem?

UK boxer "Prince Naseem" (Naseem Hamed) is 43 years old (birthdate February 12, 1974).

What is Prince Naseem Hamed famous for?

Prince Naseem Hamed is most famous for being a boxer. He has competed in featherweight, super bantamweight and bantamweight. He has been in 37 total fights and has won 36 of them.

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Apparel is any sort of clothing including boxer and retro shorts.

Does Damon Bennett wear boxer shorts?

yes Damon wears boxer shorts. they have been visible on many episodes

Where can one purchase designer boxer shorts in Edmonton?

Someone can purchase designer boxer shorts in Edmonton from a number of companies such as the Canadian Amazon website. Amazon has a large selection of designer boxer shorts that ship to Edmonton.

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