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she is still in TNA

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Q: What Happened To Mickie James In TNA?
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Will mickie James go to TNA?

Mickie James is in TNA and she has become a two time TNA Women's Knockouts Champion.

Is mickie James a WWE diva?

No,as of October 2010,Mickie is in TNA.

Who is coming to TNA at Bound for Glory?

Mickie James

Is mickie james in tna impact game?

no. She was in tna years ago but when the tna game came out she was with the wwe.

Is mickie James going to tna?

No! shes not leaving WWE! The WWE released Mickie James in April and I just saw that she signed a contract with TNA. I wanna cry, in fact I am!!

Are Melina and mickie James best friends?

no because mickie jame is in tna and Melina is in raw

Who sings mickie James theme song hard core country?

Mickie James and Serg Salinas sing Hardcore Country, Mickie James' TNA and AAA theme.

Nick aldis' girlfriend?

Its Mickie James. A TNA wrestler

When will Maria and Mickie James appear in tna?

Maria Focusing On Her Rock Band And Mickie On Indy Circuit

Why did mickie James go to tna?

From what I heard someone said that her WWE contract expired and TNA offered her to go to TNA and she accepted.

Will Mickie James come back?

Mickie is in TNA right now, but she will probably come back to WWE sometime in the future.

Tna knockouts nude?

I can tell you mickie james for sure look up mickie james leg show her stage name back then was alexis laree