What Are The Diva Starz Names?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What Are The Diva Starz Names?
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Where do you find the old diva starz website?

Diva Starz is now located at They don't have all of the old games, but they have maybe one.

When is the diva starz website going to start up again?

The diva starz website probably won't start up again because the dolls don't sell anymore.

Where are the rest of the Diva Starz games?

There are some on the Barbie Doll site. Here are several other games:Hippy Starz's Treat TossBudster Starz's Doghouse Designing GameSunny Starz's Carrot Crunch

My diva starz budster starz dog won't reply to me when i call it?

If your Diva Starz Budster Starz dog is not responding when you call it, try checking the batteries in the toy to make sure they are working properly. Also, ensure that the toy is turned on and within range for communication. If the issue persists, contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Where can you find Diva Starz games?

You can find one boring game on but if you really want to play diva starz then get the software Diva Starz Mall Madness.Actually Mall Madness is what everything girl has. Sorry. After DivaStarz's site was gone theres only one game you can now play and it's mall madness. I've benn looking for years and could only find this site. SORRY EVERYONE!! I'm really sad too. Boo hoo hoo :(:(:(:(:(:( actually i found some more diva starz games.. link to Fluffy Starz's pretty kitty game link to Hippy Starz's Treat Toss link to Budster Starz's Doghouse Designing Game link to Sunny Starz's Carrot crunch

Where can you play the old Diva Starz games?

The main game is the "Fashion Emergency!" game and it is found on Everything Girl. You dress up the Diva Starz by clicking on various tops, bottoms, and shoes.There are four other games. They all involve the pets.

What happened to diva starz?

well apperently they didnt gain so much interest but there games were fun.

Where is the diva starz onling games?

Diva Starz took down their website, and now only one game can be found (Mall Madness, the end of summer has come and all the girls have grown up, you get to help them pick out new outfits at the malls). Mall Madness is located on

What are other names for snob?

snoot, brat, diva

What are the names of the Kumbia All Starz staff?

Peewee gonzales a.b chris perez and more

What are Diva Fever's names in X Factor?

Josef & Craig

What Movie Star Planet names are cool?

I think some good names are: Pauls Boutiqe 23 ilovepb hot-chick (watever numbers) justlovesiging or i would suggest something that expresses you :))