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No, he's from your mom.

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Q: Was the undertaker really born in Death Valley?
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Is undertaker from Death Valley?

Not really. Death Valley is a desert and the portrays the character of Undertaker was not born there. That's just a facade to include some mystery and enigma to the character that he is.

Where is the Undertaker really from?

he is announced from "Death Valley' and has been in several videos in the desert promoting his comeback but it hasn't been said where the Undertaker lives permanently but he is a wrestler so he spends all his time on the road.

Where is the undertaker hometown?

Character-wise- The Undertaker lives in Death Valley, Kane lives in Parts Unknown In real life- The Undertaker lives in Houston May 2010 Actually Taker lives in Austin, Texas, he was born and raised in Houston, Texas Kane live in Knoxville, Tennessee,

What town is The Undertaker from?

Mark William Calaway, the professional wrestler The Undertaker, was born in Houston, Texas.Although once billed as being from Death Valley, CA The Undertaker's hometown is Houston, TX.

Where is undertaker from wrestling?

The Undertaker, or Mark William Calaway was originally born in Houstan, Texas. To upkeep his 'dead-man' persona, he changed this to Death Valley, California.

Who is the mother of the wrestler the Undertaker?

Undertaker [Mark Calaway] hasn't released information about his personal life and / or family. WWE just says that he is born in death valley but i think he is actually born in Houston,Texas!

Was the undertaker born in dead valley?

he was born in City of Houston

Was undertaker born in Houston Texas?

Yes, he was. But to add to his character as 'The Undertaker' he comes from Death Valley which is an extremely deserted desert. But yes, he does originate from Houston, Texas, along with King Booker also known as Booker T. xx

Where was undertaker really born?

in houston,texas

Where is WWE superstar Kane from?

Kane ( real name Glenn Jacobs ) was born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain on April 26, 1967, but now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. His on screen character Kane, is from Parts Unknown.

Are the undertaker and cane really brothers?

No they are not related in real life actually they are. cane and the undertaker-real name is Bruce. grew up in Phoenix Arizona. the undertaker moved to death valley because he hate's life and he hate's you. he wants your soul...........look behind you......are you feeling light your losing soul.....hahahahha.....look behind you.......... April 2009 No they are not related in any way. Kane's real name is Glenn Jacobs, Undertaker's real name is Mark Calaway, Taker was born in Texas, Kane was born in Spain. They are only related in storyline.

What are the release dates for Death Valley Days - 1952 A Town Is Born 7-16?

Death Valley Days - 1952 A Town Is Born 7-16 was released on: USA: 16 January 1959