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All Martial Arts were designed to be used in combat. That was their entire purpose for being created and studied for centuries. Many have since been softened to be sports.

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Q: Was karate designed to be used in combat?
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Are floor mats a legal requirement for karate?

There are no legal requirements for karate. There may be requirements imposed by insurance carriers. Karate is designed to be used in combat or fighting situations, it is not a sport that should require pads and mats.

A traditiional Japanese system of unarmed combat?


What is more deadly karate or judo?

While both of them are quite effective martial arts, karate is by its nature more deadly. Judo was derived from Jujitsu. It was designed to be a sport and used in competition. As such it was intended to be 'safe' to the practitioners and not deadly. Karate was never intended for competition, but is designed to be effective and take the opponent out of action.

Why is it in accurate to call karate in martial art?

It is perfectly accurate to call Karate a Martial Art.Martial arts are defined as the skills used in combat and warfare. While most people think of it as the unarmed skills that are rooted in Asia, they actually include all aspects of armed and un-armed combat regardless of their origins. A sharpshooter with a rifle is practicing a martial art just as a black belt in karate is.Some schools combine karate, which translates as Empty Hand, with kobudo, which deals with the traditional weapons of Okinawa. Because they feel that martial arts should never involve weapons, they want to say karate is not a martial art.Still, there are some people that they will teach you martial art, which is nothing else but a pure mixture of different fighting styles. They have tried to change the definition of martial arts and trying to make people think that karate and other such styles are not part of martial arts. This is just another annoying marketing technique.There is a school of thought that believes that many styles of karate have been turned into sports, eliminating their use in actual combat. In some school, the focus is on competition and winning matches and trophies. Some of these have moved away from true martial arts and are more interested in promoting the sports aspect.

Does karate have flips in it?

Karate does not typically have flips in it. It is a gymnastics move with little combat value in it, leaving one vulnerable to strikes while doing it.

A traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat?

Judo (without weapons)/Karate (empty hands).

Is taekwondo like karate?

No, they are not the same. Taekwondo is a martial art. Other martial arts are karate, jujitsu, kendo, kung fu, boxing, fencing, shooting, archery, etc., anything associated with preparing individuals for combat.

What was the lance used for?

The lance is a type of spear or pole weapon. It was designed to be used in mounted combat or in tournaments in the Middle Ages. Knights used the lance as a weapon.

What is hand to hand combat called?

Hand to hand combat is the engagement of two or more combatants without the use of a firearm. this includes sword fighting, karate, etc,.

Will there be a combat arms for Mac?

No, in their forums and the manual the developers say that there is neither the market or the power of processing to develop a combat arms port for mac. The average mac is not designed to be used for gaming.

What muscles are used the most in Karate?

in karate muscles mostly used are leg and arm muscles

Is karate going to be in the Olympics?

If Karate is able to obtain 2/3 votes of the Olympic committee then it can. Recently, the Committee announced that Wrestling is not a part of the Olympics, so karate has got a chance. But still, as there is already taekwondo in the Olympics, they can argue as to why to keep another martial art (karate). Part of the issue with karate is that it is not designed as a sport. There is no single governing body to set rules for competition. Judo was designed as a sport and Taekwondo has been codified to make it a sport, which allows them to be eligible for the Olympics.