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Q: Was WWE diva Kharma on TNA?
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Did WWE kharma used to be in TNA?

Yes, WWE diva Kharma work for TNA under the name of Awsome Kong

Who is the heviest WWE diva?


Is WWE diva kharma a lesbian?

no . she is't.

Is WWE diva kharma performing tonight?


Has Kharma been in WWE before?

no but she was in tna!

Did kharma quit TNA for WWE?

no.she was released from tna in 2010 and signed a contract in 2011 with wwe.

Has any WWE diva been pregnant?

Yes. A new diva by the name of Kharma is pregnant.

Has Christian Cage ever dated a WWE diva?

Yes, before he went to TNA he was at WWE.

What is the name of the tna knockout diva in lax? the WWE, she was Ariel.

Is mickie James a WWE diva?

No,as of October 2010,Mickie is in TNA.

Is WWE diva Michelle mccool related to tna knockout Angelina love?


Will WWE diva micky James return to WWE?

Right now she is in TNA so i don't think she will return......