Use maestro in a sentence

Updated: 10/23/2022
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An example of using maestro in a sentence would be, 'He was a maestro of the arts and was hired because of this. ' Maestro is also used frequently with wine.

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Q: Use maestro in a sentence
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How do you use the word 'maestro' in a sentence?

my maestro was my teacher

A sentence using conducted in it?

The maestro conducted the orchestra.

Where can you use maestro?

at a shop

Can you use maestro cards to pay mastercard payments?

Yes you can.

Can you use your Barclays connect in southern Ireland?

You can use any card with a Linx maestro or laser on it

Can you use maestro credit card trough western union?

Yes. I just did.

What is the English word for maestro?

maestro = master

What is the birth name of Virginia Maestro?

Virginia Maestro's birth name is Virginia Maestro Daz.

What is male student in spanish?

The Spanish word for a male teacher is maestro. Also, you can use the word professor. For female teachers, it is maestra and profesora.

What actors and actresses appeared in Maestro - 1987?

The cast of Maestro - 1987 includes: Jeff Weiss as Maestro

What is a female maestro called?

Also called a maestro. Not maestra, maestro. Like a female doctor is a doctor, not a doctress.

What does maestro mean spanish?

Schoolteacher. Maestro. Master (of a skill).