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after the Bruce finch fight in 1982

after Kevin howard in 1984

after Marvin hagler in '87

after terry Norris in '91

and after hector camacho in '97

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Q: Sugar Ray Leonard how many times did he retire?
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Sugar Ray Leonard won 36 times, while only losing 3 of them. He is known as being the first boxer ever to win over $100 million dollars in various awards and purses.

How many times was Sugar Ray Leonard knocked down?

Three times. The first two were for the welterweight title. June 1980, Duran took the title from Leonard, Nov @80, Leonard got his revenge, Dec '89, Duran (now the WBC middleweight champion) goes after Leonards WBC super middleweight crown, and Leonard outboxes him over 12 rounds (the first two fight were fifteen rounders)

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Hearns turned pro at 147 on 25-nov-77 Leonard turned pro at Jr Welterweight on 5-feb 77, but was a full welterweight after a few fights, they met in a unification title bout September '81.

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won 36 (KO 25) + lost 3 (KO 1) + drawn 1 = 40

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