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Step 1: Join a club Step 2: Do whatever the Instructor tells you

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Q: Steps to become a master of exerkai isshinryu karate?
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How do you become a ninja in real life?

Master the arts of parkour, karate and gymnastics

Who is the master of karate?

There is no single master.

Who was the master of karate?

There was no single master - karate encompasses the product of an enormous number of practitioners.

How can you master karate at brown belt?

You don't master karate at brown belt. You don't normally ever master karate. The best thing to do is to practice often and hard.

What do you get when you cross a pig and karate master?

Pork chops

What do you say when greeting a karate master?

You bow. That's it.

What do you get when you cross a karate master and a pig?

Pork chops

What does Dan represent in karate?

A Dan represents everlasting and you will soon be a master.

Who fought Jaden Smith at the end of the Karate Kid?

Jaden Smith fights Cheng at the end of the Karate Kid.

Who is a grandmaster of karate?

There is only one known on the east coast; Soke Tony Morrison.

What early 80's tv show had a karate man in a van?

You may be referring to a short lived TV show called The Master. It was ninjitsu, not karate.

What color of karate belt is a second degree master?

black. it just has the roman # symbol