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Maryse is no longer Wrestling and Kelly Kelly is pursuing other intrest that does not involve wrestling

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Q: Should Kelly Kelly and Maryse be a part of the beautiful people?
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Has kelly kelly ever beat Maryse?

yes,on blacklash she defeated maryse

Did kelly kelly kiss maryse?


Maryse or kelly kelly who is sexier?

Kelly Kelly always

Is maryse sexier than kelly kelly?

Yes she is because Maryse shows how sexy she is but kelly just winks at her fans

Are kelly kelly and maryse sisters?

No,They Are NOT Sisters

Is kelly kelly engaged to the miz?

The miz is engaged to maryse

Is maryse coming back to WWE in 2013?

maryse might come back with kellt kelly

Is mike mizanin engaged with kelly kelly?

Hell no. Miz is dating Maryse

Are Maryse Ouellet and Kelly Kelly returning to WWE?

It is unknown if either of them will be returning to WWE.

When does kelly kelly get her match for the divas title?

at extreme rule she gets her retribution on maryse

Did kelly kelly liked someone before in WWE?

The saturdays Maryse Beth Phoenix

Does miz love kelly kelly?

No they are friends kelly is dating a hockey player and the miz is still dating Maryse