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off the top of my head.

larry holmes

mike tyson

bonecrusher smith

tony tucker

tony tubbs

buster douglas

pinklon thomas

mike weaver

michael dokes

john tate

leon spinks

michael spinks

trevor berbick

frank bruno

evander holyfield

tim witherspoon

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David Tua!

Joe Louis, Muhammud Ali,

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Q: Name the black heavy weight boxers of the 1980s?
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What is the salary of world heavy weight boxers?

Cassius Clay

Can three heavy weight boxers together kill a tiger in fight?

In a fight between three unarmed heavyweight boxers and a tiger, the odds are on the tiger.

Where can I find Golden Gloves Boxing records from the 1950's in Tyler Tx?

1950's heavy weight boxers

Who was the first black heavy weight boxing champion?

Jack Johnson

Who first black boxing - heavy weight champ?

Jack Johnson

What is the weight level for a featherweight boxer?

The weight level for a feather weight boxer is 122 lbs/55 kg/ 8St 10. This has been continuous since 1976. This is the standardised weight range for these boxers.

What is a boxers somatotype?

Muhammad Ali (Heavy Weight Class) was a 3.5, 6.0, 4.0 3.5 Endomorphy 6.0 Mesomorphy 4.0 Ectomorphy It depends on the classification. All boxers will benefit from high mesomorphy for power, moderate endomorphy for energy without becoming too massive and enough ectomorphy for height and reach.

What important relationship does boxer Jack Johnson have?

Jack Johnson was the first black heavy weight champion of the world.

What are the 17 retired WWE belts?

The hardcore belt, the European heavy weight, the million dollar belt, wcw belt, the classic world heavy weight, the light weight heavy weight belt, and the wcw heavy weight.

Who was Black heavy weight boxer named Tim who was stabbed?

Did you mean John Abbey or maybe James Oyebola, who was shot?

What weight is crusier weight in boxing?

it is between light-heavy weight and heavy weight (between 176-200lbs)

When was Heavy Weight Champ created?

Heavy Weight Champ was created in 2006.