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Of course there is your wearing it right now silly.

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Q: Is there any way to get a trench coat that resembles the one that the Undertaker wears?
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What is the brand of black trench coat Diane Sawyer wears?


What is the kind of jacket does ed elric wear?

he wears a trench coat type jacket

What is the style of coat that kirito wears in Sword Art Online Not what it is called in fiction but what is the closest real coat style to it?

It would be a black leather trench coat.

Is there a comic book character that wears a sleeveless trench coat?

Yes, one example is Gambit from the X-Men comics. He is known for wearing a sleeveless trench coat as part of his signature look.

Who makes or sells the trench coat Angelina Jolie wears in Mr and Mrs smith in the scene where she scales down the building?


Who invented the trench coat?

The trench coat was made as an alternative to the great coat worn by French and British soldiers in WW1. Thomas Burberry made the first trench coat in 1920.

Which would go better with a school uniform trench coat or duffle coat?


How do you put trench in a sentence?

"my trench coat was lost"

Why does Freddy Krueger wear a trench coat?

He only wears it in New Nightmare for the last part of the movie, to depict the difference between the "real" Freddy and the "movie" Freddy.

What coat or trench coat did storm shadow use in the GI Joe movie?

Storm shadow is played by Byung-Hun lee in the gi Joe movie. In this movie he where's a Soviet trench coat. This is a trench coat issued from the Russian military. Some believe that storm shadows movements were some what restricted because he was wearing this trench coat.

Where can I find a trench coat like the one bill kaulitz wears in the video for dont jump also known as spring nicht?

probably in a thrift store or a vintage store

What is your reaction when you watched the movie new moon?

My reaction was that the clothes Edward wears completely ruins the whole thing, as he should be wearing light, bright coloured clothes, but in the movie he wears dark coloured clothes, and even once a trench coat!