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Yes, It makes the person sleep like a cobra Hence The Sleeping Cobra

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Q: Is there a karate move called sleeping cobra?
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Can you learn a sleeping move in karate?

yes only the fury fighter

Strike of the sleeping cobra?

it is an expert move that is hard to explain how to do unless you've had years among years of training but it is much more than grabbing someone forehead and pulling them to the ground it deals with the transfer of energy called chi once you have mastered the world of chi then is when you attempt the strike of the sleeping cobra

What is it called when see people by your bed when you are sleeping but can move?


How do you sleep someone by hitting him?

No, you cannot put someone to sleep with a karate move. You can knock them out or render them unconscious with a blow, but they are not sleeping. It is too dangerous to attempt without proper supervision. Find a karate instructor who can teach you in a controlled and safe environment.

In what shape does the king cobra move?

they move their body like a s

Why do karate students and masters yell when they do karate move?

The yell is called a kia. It is sometimes referred to as a spirit shout. The yelling helps project power, strengthens the core and puts in a solid basis to send out the strength of the fighter.

What was Sgt Slaughter's signature move?

the cobra clutch

Why did Boris divorce Jessica in the What ever works movie?

Jessica Alba was nude in a move called the sleeping dictionary!

How do you kick on meez?

you have to buy the move off the karate man

What karate move was in Alex Rider Snakehead?

it was the back kick :)

Is the pelican move a part of karate?

I have never heard of a 'pelican' move. I have heard of 'white crane.'

What does Kamae-te mean in Karate?

It means "move to the ready position".