Is the undertaker dead yes or no?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, he most likely is.

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well who can say is thrue or not

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Q: Is the undertaker dead yes or no?
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Is the undertaker dead buried alive?

yes the undertaker is alive

Is the undertaker's mother dead?


Did Mark William Calaway's -the Undertaker's - dad die?

Yes mark calway is alive. He is the undertaker in wwe

Is undertaker dead in June 4 2010?

yes he died

Is the undertaker diad?

NO, the Undertaker is not dead.

No is undertaker actually dead teddy long said he was and Kane?

undertaker is dead

Is undertaker dead and if yes who killed him?

No one killed him but Kane is acting sucpices

When undertaker first died that's when they start calling him dead man?


Did the undertaker really die and come back?

it is actually believed that undertaker did come back from the dead and that he was buried alive by his brother kane. But the thing is that although i have started to like wrestling a lot now but i still believe that it is not actually real so there would be no question of him coming back from the dead when he never even went to the dead. i think it is common sense that you can not come back from the dead, i hope i have made my point...

Who do killed undertaker?

the undertaker is not dead he is in a vegitated state

Will the undertaker be on todays Friday night smackdown?

yes undertaker will be at wm 26. He will face HBK at wrestlemania.

Is The Undertaker really dead at bragging rights?

no the undertaker is not dead wwe is not real`only fake