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Q: Is the Ultimate Warrior on any super Nintendo games?
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Will Nintendo 64 play super Nintendo games?

The Nintendo 64 does not play Super Nintendo games as they have different cartridge types.

Can you play Nintendo games in super Nintendo?


Will Nintendo games work on super Nintendo?


Are regular Nintendo games compatible with super Nintendo?

Nope. Regular Nintendo Entertainment System games (referring to 8-bit Nintendo/NES) are not compatible with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (16-bit Super Nintendo/SNES).

Can you play Nintendo 64 games in a super Nintendo?


What game system were Dragon Warrior 5 and 6 on?

the super famicom, in Japan. there was no super nintendo version

How many Donkey Kong Adventure games were released on the Super Nintendo?

there where 3 games released for the super Nintendo

Is there a duck hunt game for the super nintendo Or is there a way to get nintendo classic Classic games to work on the Super Nintendo?

No, Duck Hunt was only made for NES. There is not any way to get the Nintendo classic games to work in the Super Nintendo.

What are the most popular Nintendo games for the NES?

Some of the more popular games for the Super Nintendo are Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart,Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario All-Stars. There are plenty more and they are fairly cheap to buy. You can get them from Ebay or Game Stop.

Who created the Super Mario games?


What is a snez?

Super Nintendo. A games console :)

Will my will play my old supernintendo games?

Unfortunately, the Wii will not play Super Nintendo cartridge games. However, through Nintendo's Virtual Console download service, it is possible to purchase a limited number of Super Nintendo games for download and use on the Nintendo Wii.